If you only see the fear, you will never see the beauty. Don't let anyone be a dream killerI want you to imagine that you spend five years of your blood, sweat, and tears on something and then someone tells you it is complete rubbish and no one will care about it. As an artist, there is nothing worse. As a new author, it was a dream killer.

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My muse is a very fickle creature.  I swear he demands different things of me daily and gets bored easily.  Sometimes he wants snacks, sometimes tea, sometimes coffee. He always wants a comfy chair, but sometimes doesn’t allow me to do anything but stare at the screen till I am as far away from it as humanly possible. Sometimes he gets specific such as wanting Funions and cheddar dip and sometimes he just spits things out because the wind blew the right way.

I just finished the wonderful anthology Butt Ninjas from Hell and can tell you, PICK IT UP!  Each author brought their “A” game from Kage Alan’s Flaxen Buns of Furry to Eden Winter’s Hell Is Where the Heart Is.  You will laugh from the first page, to the last. I highly recommend it!


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I once heard that if you can put it down, you should give it up.  Having just finished my first novel that took me over 5 years, I can say that is utter rubbish. You have the obligation to yourself to at least finish it.  Now, publishing it is a whole different animal.  Finishing my novel has given me such confidence that unless you have done it, you could never understand.

Today we are lucky enough to have Ms. Patricia Logan on the blog today celebrating her new release Verified Kill.

While there have been many things that I have learned in my life.
  I want to talk about what they don’t tell you about finishing your first novel.  I have chosen to self publish my first novel instead of going with a publisher.  The reason was that the job of a publisher is to edit, format, design the cover and market your book.  I complete everything on that except editing on for a living.  I am in essence, a publishing house without the editor and I know quite a few wonderful ones that have worked with the big publishing houses. This should be easy right?  This is what I learned.

This week’s topic comes from the wonderfully talented, Summer Rose who wants to know what the worse thing I have ever done to a character.  In my upcoming novel, The Awakening, I would have to say the worse thing I ever did was push my main character off of a seventeen story building.  It was to show him his true self, but still not the nicest thing to do to someone.  Want to read a bit?

I had a client recently go through a public relations nightmare that could have been much worse had it not been caught quickly enough. She had just published her books and was reading me an excerpt when we found something that may be hurtful to some people in the trans community.  It would not have even registered if I hadn’t had a talk with a very good friend about this very subject. Most people would not have even noticed the wrong pronouns were being used but because it was found we may have helped someone’s feelings from being hurt or worse yet, the whole community being angered by a simple mistake.

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